Handling Food

It is very important for you to pick up the food as quickly as possible, most of guest do not want to be kept waiting for their food.

You should prepare these points for personal preparation.

  • You should know well about the Menu, all dishes, basic ingredient and it is forms/shapes.
  • The knowledges of method of cooking is helping you to recognize kinds of dishes in the kitchen.
  • Own the place, means be aware all the location of the items that you need to collect during the services.

Keep in mind that the prompt collection of the food optimizes, food will be served as its Best, follow the guidelines below:

  • Hot Food will be served hot and not allowed to cool down.
  • Cold Food will be served cold and not allowed to warm up.
  • Eye Appeal of Dishes, be mind it when you collect the dish and deliver it to table services, the form of the dishes is critical because the guest is always seeing the food before they taste it.
  • Taste of foods items potentially compromised by long delays in service.