Hiring well and managing better

The people who are going to help you manage your restaurant kitchen are the ones working there. You must invest well in hiring and training your kitchen team, as an important part of kitchen management. They are the ones who are going to work day and night, diligently creating new dishes for your restaurant. 

Hiring process 

Staff recruitment includes some intensive steps that must be followed in order to build a super team. 

  • Before hiring anyone in your team, do a background check. In the restaurant business, it’s not uncommon for employees to change their jobs before completing a year in a particular restaurant. So this is not necessarily a warning sign. We recommend hiring for skill and an appetite to learn.
  • Have multiple rounds of the interview, where you test not just their cooking skills but also leadership qualities and other abilities that are important in a restaurant kitchen. You could probably ask them to make the highest-selling dish of your restaurant and not something they excel at cooking.