Proper Equipment

You must aim to make your kitchen well-equipped, less chaotic and more streamlined.Once you have everything in place, you can focus better on cooking exceptional dishes for your customers. Chefs wouldn’t have to go around the kitchen looking for, say, blenders or cooking pans.

Buying quality equipment that is made of non-corrosive elements like aluminum and stainless steel, prove to last longer. Apart from this, buying commercial kitchen equipment for your restaurant helps reduce labor costs and increases overall productivity. Wondering how? It’s quite straight-up. Head and Sous chefs don’t have to spend time doing the initial few steps of food preparation like, chopping the veggies, grinding tomatoes or blend a garlic paste. All this is a matter of only a few minutes, thanks for the new-age commercial kitchen equipment. 

Maintaining your equipment

Efficient kitchen management requires you to have all your kitchen equipment in place.However, if not serviced regularly and maintained well, you might have to switch equipment sooner than you would’ve predicted. Many pieces of equipment need regular cleaning (Refer restaurant cleaning checklist here), whereas the heavy ones can be serviced on a weekly or monthly basis. Many restaurant owners often forget this part and end up spending a dime in either buying new kitchen equipment or getting them fixed.