The Meals Accompaniment

There are dishes that come along with accompaniments. These accompaniments complement the main food and enrich its taste. It provides an aesthetic value to the main dish. The accompanying food or beverage itself can have a garnish of its own. An accompaniment can be inside the main dish or in a separate bowl.

The following are a few different types of accompaniments −

  • Sauces and Dips
  • Pickles
  • Dressings
  • Chips and Wedges
  • Salads
  • Gravies
  • Beverages such as soft drinks or wines
  • Breads

SoupsChopped Cilantro/Fresh leaf of Basil/Croutons/Cream swirlsSalads/Breads/Crispy starters
BouillabaisseChopped Cilantro/Fresh leaf of Basil/Croutons/Cream swirlsCountry bread slices spread with Rouille, a spicy mayonnaise
Farineaux SpaghettiFresh basil leavesGrated cheese, pepper powder, and Neapolitan tomato sauce.
Veg/Non-veg burgerNot essentialPotato/ Sweet potato chips, aerated drinks or ale.
Indian Snacks Idli, Vada, and DhoklaChhonk of clarified butter with mustard and cumin seeds, and curry leaves.Coconut-Cilantro-Green Chili Chutney. Idli and Vada are often accompanied with lentil curry called ‘Sambar’.
Indian Onion or Chili Fritters (Pakoras)Not essentialTomato sauce or hot and sour chutney.
Mutton/Chicken/ Veg BiryaniChopped coriander and caramelized onion stripes.Liquid gravy with lemon wedges and onion-tomato-cucumber salad in curds.
Indian one dish meal Pao-Bhaji (Pao=bread, Bhaji=Spicy Stew)Pao is garnished with butter and Bhaji with chopped cilantro and butter.Onion-Tomato-Cilantro salad with lemon wedges and mango pickle.
Barbequed/Braiied Beef/Game MeatHerbsSauces
Roast BeefHerbs, ButterHorse Radish sauce
Fruit SaladCastor SugarYogurt
Irish StewHerbsWorcestershire sauce and Pickled red cabbage.
Poulet Grille Americain (American Grilled Chicken)Herbs in butterAddition of grilled dices of tomato, mushroom, capsicum, and potato.
Sage and Onion Stuffed GoosePieces or Stripes of salad vegetables.Apple sauce and roast gravy.
Fromage Assorti (Assorted Cheese)Castor sugar for crème cheese.Celery, Radish, Water Crest, and Cracker Biscuits.
Veg/Non-veg StewChopped fresh corianderSteamed Rice or Bread
Ice CreamsVanilla/Chocolate/Raspberry/Strawberry Sauce, chopped nuts, Colorful candies, Rose PetalsWaffle sticks or stripes.