Restaurant Link Between Kitchen & Service Area


Communication is critical in providing link between kitchen and services area, which may need to be relayed from waiting staff to the kitchen can include :

  • Table Number
  • Number of Pax
  • Dishes Ordered
  • Special diet request or allergies
  • Name of the waiter.

Specific guest request for general order can related to:

  • Timing requirement for overall meals.
  • Special request for they to dietary/health needs and cultural requirements
  • Details complain made by guest so Kitchen aware of problem as they related to certain food or dishes.
  • Request for more items such as bread, butter, extra sauces, etc.

Information which may you need to be relayed from chefs/cooks can include:

  • Notification regarding the availability of food.
  • Advice timing of meals such delays to services
  • Request for the action –“push the soup” or “Try to sell the Curry”
  • Clarification Orders placed to interpret written or verbal order, so kitchen knows exactly what is required.
  • Notification certain request cannot be accommodated.
  • Responses to question asked by the guest.

Monitor and Attend Kitchen service points.

Individual venues or Kitchen will have their own way of calling you to collect the food which is ready for service.

Option includes:

  • Ringing the bell which is simply indicates something is ready for collection but does not indicate who the food is for, or what dishes are.
  • Calling out your name – such as “Tom – Take Away!” meaning Tom has to collect the dishes for service.
  • Calling out the table Number,
  • Calling out both the Names and the table Number.


  • Never, ever take the dishes unless and until specifically directed to do so by whoever is running the pass.
  • Just because the dish that you ordered ready, it doesn’t means belong to you.

Those points often occur on rush hours and results the complicated operations of service, the sequences of meal services in some particular tables may impact others.