Workplace Safety In The Restaurant


  • Demonstrate how to lift a tray with a straight back and don’t load it too much
  • Use your legs when lifting the heavy one and also when setting it down on your side stand
  • Hold the tray with both hands
  • Don’t carry coffee pots or water jugs on the tray on your shoulder
  • Practices carrying trays – show the correct way.
  • Tray lifting and heavy object may cause injuries which is jeopardize your job and physic


  • If you see any unsafe condition, report it –explain where the safety observation forms are.
  • Always place “a wet floor” sign when mopping the floors or you see any spills/slippery wet floor.
  • Don’t lift heavy object without helps.
  • Don’t run on the stairs.
  • Beware your surroundings, keep focus to the way you are heading, the accident often occurs inside the kitchen which is close by heat hardware and sharps object.
  • Follow the instruction in handling the equipment, someway could cause the injuries related with electricity, heat, heavy object etc.
  • Don’t be hesitate asks your supervisor or Manager if you feels doubt about your job.


  • Ensure you get enough rest, this will help you stay focused and avoid a lot of accidents.
  • Ensure your blood contain no alcohol during on duty, instead against the rule & regulation of your workplace also could able harms yourself and people around you.
  • Anger Management it’s mean control your mind and emotion among coworkers. By always respect others you may able to stabilize it.